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25 May 2014 @ 04:19 pm
Ashita e no sanka & Believer's high  
A bit of "behind the song" summarized from some of their recent interviews.

Ashita e no sanka

- Ryuta & Kazuki created this song in training camp. If you follow Kazuki on twitter or follow their blogs, you must be aware that they were in training camp together for one week.

- They tried a new method to create a song. Previously the process is always the same: Kazuki creates the melody, then Ryuta writes the lyric, four of them re-arrange the song but this time, since they were stuck just after Budokan concert. They tried to write the songs simultaneous. Kazuki writes the melodies as he heard Ryuta spell the lyric, once the mood settled, the song also went nicely. So "Ashita e no sanka" was created by that flow.

- Seiji said he could feel this song flumpool-ish but also he could catch a part of this song that sounds non flumpool-ish.

- Genki said the song was just so so.. Of course he was just kidding (or so Ryuta insists xp)

- This song could be treated as their second debut song. As the lyric was similar to "Hana ni nare"

- The interviewer said he thought the song was a bit plain but after he experienced it life, he thought it was a good song. Ryuta also agreed as he pointed out that the main point of this song is the "sing a long" part near the end. I couldn't agree more.

Truthfully When I heard this song for the first time, I cried XDXD It's a good song indeed and perfect to rule the concert! Like the interviewer said, it could be everyone's song as we sing along it during the LIVE. I could feel this song lyric is actually scream out about the circumstance of flumpool as well.

I feel like the lyric is actually telling about what Ryuta feels himself, as I could catch it somehow the same vibe he gives in his blog, solo interview, etc but that's just my personal impression

"Believer's high"

- Ryuta said the image of this song is the 2nd "Hoshi ni negai wo"

- He added that this song is suitable for the ending song of LIVE concert as it makes you anticipate of the new page of your life after the concert.

- The "you" in the lyric represents the fans. (natalie)

- The concept of the PV is the elevator connecting earth and space.

I like the "Itsuka kimi wo terasu yo" part >~< When I watched the PV *which is pretty late, I just watched it heheh* That line left the biggest impression.

You must feel relieved after 2 days Budokan concert.

R: Truthfully, just after 2 days Budokan concert was over, I was indeed felt relieved but soon after that, I already felt troubled lol I kept thinking "What should I do next?"

G: So did everyone, soon after, we rushed into tough days

R: We came to studio everyday but we couldn't see the goal.

S: Seriously, It was cruel. We kept coming to studio but we couldn't even create one song that satisfied us. those days were tough.

K: We created some songs, however, how should I put it, we have a pressure that we couldn't just continue as we were before but we should also create something new too. Maybe because we were burden so much by that term, we couldn't create one single satisfying song.

R: Genki even said so, if we continue as it is, we will be in danger

G: I said so?

R: You said it! We were on the phone, remember? two of us lol

K: I think I don't put it in such a gloomy tone lol well, with momentum of Budokan, I think we should move on with positive mind but right after, we were not pleased.

How did you manage to get out from that situation?

S: It's through "Ashita e no sanka" right?

R: Yeah, we don't feel it as we finished creating that song but right after we let people to hear that song, the vision we couldn't see before became clear. The reaction was good when the song was aired on the radio.

K: I was thinking "So in the end this is the song we could accept? " I don't even expect it.


I recommend you to also read my another translation later about Ryuta solo interview. It's very good. I might post it in the near time^^

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