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11 May 2014 @ 06:40 pm

This one is actually done long time ago but left in draft till now. At least, there are two flumpool LOCKS! translation left on my saving draft >~< This episode is interesting..! When this episode was airing, there was some kind of "hustle" amongs the fans. You could as well figure which part responsible for that "noise" heheh

Streaming here
flumpool LOCKS! August 21st 2013

Bi bi bi bi binetsu refrain*

I decided to end my one sided love soon. There's something unexpected happened, so I only have a little time left. I am in the last grade of high school now but last week, Ryuta keibiin said "It has nothing to do with exam" so when the timing is perfect, I will confess, nothing to lose anyway. Please give your support on me!


✮Things to note✮

☺  There's no guarantee that my translation is 100% correct and good.
therefore please tolerance any mistakes

Please don't repost anywhere.
Respect me by not taking this outside my blog.

*This is is one project on flumpool LOCKS. The aim is to encourage people who are in love to create a unforgettable moment along with this summer momentum. It can be a long hidden feeling, one sided love, or mutual love. Relating to "Binetsu refrain" flumpool summer single. Actually it was written as "" but I'm having a difficulty to write it out in romaji, maybe it means "binetsu refrain + reference" but not too sure so to put it safe I will just write it with "binetsu refrain"

Kazuki: certainly, you did say "It has nothing to do with exam" last week.

Ryuta: Yeah, I did

KAZUKI:  we said "If you have something to say, just say it" This message exactly delivers what you mean.

RYUTA: Well then, hello?

CHIHIROO:  hello

RYUTA: This is flumpool LOCKS Yamamura Ryuta speaking!

KAZUKI:  This is Sakai Kazuki!

CHIHIROO:  I'm Chihiro, 18 y.o., in Osaka.... Yabai~

KAZUKI:  Yabai?

CHIHIROO:  Yeah, Ka(xx)kun is yabai


KAZUKI:  Who do you refer to?

CHIHIROO:  Kakkun, yabai *Kakkun = Kazuki-kun, Kazuki's nickname usually used by his close friends.

KAZUKI &amp; RYUTA: Kakkun??

KAZUKI:  Are we friends?

CHIHIROO: : Would you mind if I call you with that?

KAZUKI:  yeah you can call me that

CHIHIROO:  Hooray!!

KAZUKI:  Kansai people are definitely unique

RYUTA: Thanks for your letter!

KAZUKI:  Your crush is your classmate?

CHIHIROO:  No, he is the guy from my part time job whose age is the same as me

KAZUKI:  When did you know him?

CHIHIROO:  We just met this year

KAZUKI:  By the way, what kind of part time do you do?

CHIHIROO:  Makudo.

*Makudo = McDonald. Normally people call McDonald as Makku but in Osaka people tend to call it as Makudo"

KAZUKI:  Makudo? Somehow I'm relieved to know someone else refers "Mc Donalds" as Makudo too. In Tokyo, everyone calls it "Makku"

RYUTA: Even Genki and Seiji also call it "Makku"

CHIHIROO:  That's not good

KAZUKI:  Right? Only me and Ryuta call it "Makudo"

CHIHIROO:  Ryuta also call it Makudo? *She used casual speech, which is considered impolite if you talk to someone older than you or people whom you don't know well*

RYUTA: Yes, I do

KAZUKI:  Hold on, Are we even in the same age?

CHIHIROO:  *laugh*

RYUTA: Don't take it to heart

KAZUKI:  So you meet at Makudo, since when did you like him?

CHIHIROO:  I though he was cool at the first sight, since that time is near Valentine, I used that momentum to give him a chocolate.

KAZUKI:  Did you give him?

CHIHIROO:  Yes, I gave him

KAZUKI:  Did you also attach a letter on the chocolate gift?

CHIHIROO:  I only tell him my contact when I gave that.

KAZUKI:  By the way, who does he look alike?

CHIHIROO:  His face looks like Miura Shohei.

KAZUKI:  That means he is really handsome!

RYUTA: Do you exaggerate it?

CHIHIROO:  ...... heheh

KAZUKI:  So you exaggerated it.

CHIHIROO:  I exaggerated it a bit

KAZUKI:  Is his personality great as well?

CHIHIROO:  Lately, he is a bit cold


CHIHIROO:  Dunno * She used casual speech again XD *

KAZUKI:  Huh? We are 28 years old this year, our age gap is 10 years old you know.

CHIHIROO:  *laugh*

RYUTA: She's interesting.

KAZUKI:  You wrote  "unexpected situation" What's going on?

CHIHIROO:  Our previous manager will be transferred so my work mates raised a thought to resign as well.  If that happens, the guy I like will also quit his job. That would be unfavorable

KAZUKI:  You write "if there's a chance, you will confess" but how do you feel now?

CHIHIROO: As it get closer,  I became discouraged

KAZUKI:  Chihiro, WHEN will you confess?

CHIHIROO:  maybe next week

RYUTA: She couldn't take your bait, after all she's from Osaka.

KAZUKI:  In order to match my conversation, you should answer that with "NOW"

CHIHIROO:  Ah, I'm sorry

** Kazuki said a very famous skit in Japan, in that skit, when you get asked "Itsu blabla no?" (When will you blablabla) you will follow the flow with answering it with "Ima deshou" (NOW)  That's very famous catchphrase in Japan at that time but the girl didn't realize it and replied it normally with "next week" which answer the question honestly XDXD

KAZUKI: will something happened next week?

CHIHIROO: As I have a chance, I will do right away

KAZUKI: What would you say?

CHIHIROO: I'm not sure what I will say

KAZUKI: I understand, well then... would you like to give a practice first?

CHIHIROO: What? It's impossible to do it with flumpool! But... I would like to try

KAZUKI: Our vocalist is as handsome as Miura Shouhei. *Aww* So would you try to practice your love confession with him?

CHIHIROO: We are really going to do it!?

as the guy in the part time job
as potato timer and Tanaka-san.

PART TIME JOB GUY: Finally, our job is over. Ah Chihiro, what's the matter?

CHIHIROO:  Otsukare!

PART TIME JOB GUY:Otsukare! Today was though. We have many customers.

CHIHIROO:  Yes, it was

PART TIME JOB GUY: Even a weird old man came.

POTATO TIMER: Beep beep beep

PART TIME JOB GUY:Oh the potatoes!

POTATO TIMER: Beep beep beep

PART TIME JOB GUY:Tanaka-san, the potatoes are ready!

TANAKA: Oh, the potatoes are ready!

PART TIME JOB GUY:Geez, well..Is there something you want to say?

CHIHIROO:  You see, our manager will be transferred soon

PART TIME JOB GUY: that's right

CHIHIROO:  Ryuta-kun, did you decide to quit as well?

PART TIME JOB GUY: I also considered to quit as well because I respect him.

CHIHIROO:  Umm......

POTATO TIMER: Beep beep beep

PART TIME JOB GUY:Huh, Tanaka-san what the hell are you doing?

CHIHIROO:  You know...

PART TIME JOB GUY:Ah, yes, what is it?

CHIHIROO:  Ah, Uhmm. You may have noticed it already, I've always liked you. Please go out with me!

PART TIME JOB GUY: Are you serious?

CHIHIROO:  Yes, I have determined this

PART TIME JOB GUY: Well then.................... Should we go steady? (THIS!!)

CHIHIROO:  Uwaaaa.... YABAI!

POTATO TIMER: Beep beep beep

PART TIME JOB GUY:Hey, Tanaka-san!

End of skit

KAZUKI:  It will be success if it flows smoothly like that

CHIHIROO:  I hope so!

RYUTA: It will work with no problem

CHIHIROO:  Uhmmm... But I'm not confidence

KAZUKI:  It works, be confidence!

CHIHIROO:  Ye..............s, *sounds doubtful* but since flumpool told me so, well allright

KAZUKI:  What is it with that mood

RYUTA: But you also heading to the exam, of course you feel anxious about many things wether to confess now or not.

CHIHIROO: That's right

RYUTA: However I'm convinced, You better say it.

KAZUKI: Don't let that firework goes off!

*Kazuki is talking about the passion/feeling that Ryuta equate with "firework"

CHIHIROO:  I got it!

RYUTA:  You can just strike it off with the simulation we just did.

CHIHIROO:  I will........ do my best!

RYUTA:  well

CHIHIROO: May I speak something for the last time?

KAZUKI:  What is it?

CHIHIROO:  Congratulation for flumpool LOCKS surpassed 200th episodes! *She used polite speech*

Ryuta &amp; Kazuki: *stupefied*

KAZUKI:  Ah thank you, what is that, it suddenly became serious

RYUTA:  See? You can speak with honorific.

KAZUKI:  We're 28 years old remember

CHIHIROO:  I ... I understand

RYUTA:  Nice to hear she's so cheerful. Good luck for your studies &amp; love! We will support you!

CHIHIROO:  *Mumbling* yeah

RYUTA:  we are looking forward to the result,

CHIHIROO:  I understand, thank you very much


the result came after a couple week..

She was rejected but they guy left a big question, he said "I can't now" what it is?? >~<
it made the girl in confuse, but I think it's still nice for her to confess^^

As always please don't repost and take this outside this blog.