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05 November 2019 @ 07:03 pm

Journal contents:
- Fan arts,Translations ,Traveling & concert & astronomy reports, Random posts Ramblings, ramblings, and ramblings

My translation and fan-arts will be put under friends-lock starting now.

Please drop an introduction post here if you want to be added, it can be anything and just one line would be fine
as long as you can ensure me you don't come here to copy-paste only :D
Comments will be screened and I won't add you back unless you drop a comment

Also please bear in mind that I'm not an native Japanese nor english speaker so
all of them are amateurish works. I do translation and fan-arts for fun only^^
Typos, grammar fail, and translation mistake might be everywhere XD Please excuse me.

Just let be here. You can share the link to the post but

Thanks for your understanding :)

Pencipta lagu: Sugimoto Yuji
Penulis lirik: Kawabe Toru

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08 June 2014 @ 10:02 pm
I haven't watched NICO JAM for such a long time >~<
I always adore Ryuta solo interview. It covers things that couldn't be explored in group interview or on TV. Deep and daring. He expressed the anxious he felt just after flumpool debut. He was also aware about the favor audience ask for flumpool. He pretty much talks that the band also going in uncertain times (which is repeating) in the past years.

During this interview I could feel the uncertainty of this band. This shows you the human/un-perfect side of them. Ryuta was not hesitate to speak his mind about what he's been through. From the outside we might think it's okay, they go very well. But even for the band who receives warm response and builds their fanbase also staggering. They even didn't feel confidence about themselves, questioning their existence, and how they should take flumpool to the next level.

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Read also some summary of "Ashita e no sanka" & "Believer's high" here
25 May 2014 @ 04:19 pm
A bit of "behind the song" summarized from some of their recent interviews.

Ashita e no sanka

- Ryuta & Kazuki created this song in training camp. If you follow Kazuki on twitter or follow their blogs, you must be aware that they were in training camp together for one week.

- They tried a new method to create a song. Previously the process is always the same: Kazuki creates the melody, then Ryuta writes the lyric, four of them re-arrange the song but this time, since they were stuck just after Budokan concert. They tried to write the songs simultaneous. Kazuki writes the melodies as he heard Ryuta spell the lyric, once the mood settled, the song also went nicely. So "Ashita e no sanka" was created by that flow.

- Seiji said he could feel this song flumpool-ish but also he could catch a part of this song that sounds non flumpool-ish.

- Genki said the song was just so so.. Of course he was just kidding (or so Ryuta insists xp)

- This song could be treated as their second debut song. As the lyric was similar to "Hana ni nare"

- The interviewer said he thought the song was a bit plain but after he experienced it life, he thought it was a good song. Ryuta also agreed as he pointed out that the main point of this song is the "sing a long" part near the end. I couldn't agree more.

Truthfully When I heard this song for the first time, I cried XDXD It's a good song indeed and perfect to rule the concert! Like the interviewer said, it could be everyone's song as we sing along it during the LIVE. I could feel this song lyric is actually scream out about the circumstance of flumpool as well.

I feel like the lyric is actually telling about what Ryuta feels himself, as I could catch it somehow the same vibe he gives in his blog, solo interview, etc but that's just my personal impression

"Believer's high"

- Ryuta said the image of this song is the 2nd "Hoshi ni negai wo"

- He added that this song is suitable for the ending song of LIVE concert as it makes you anticipate of the new page of your life after the concert.

- The "you" in the lyric represents the fans. (natalie)

- The concept of the PV is the elevator connecting earth and space.

I like the "Itsuka kimi wo terasu yo" part >~< When I watched the PV *which is pretty late, I just watched it heheh* That line left the biggest impression.

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I recommend you to also read my another translation later about Ryuta solo interview. It's very good. I might post it in the near time^^

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11 May 2014 @ 06:40 pm

This one is actually done long time ago but left in draft till now. At least, there are two flumpool LOCKS! translation left on my saving draft >~< This episode is interesting..! When this episode was airing, there was some kind of "hustle" amongs the fans. You could as well figure which part responsible for that "noise" heheh

Streaming here
flumpool LOCKS! August 21st 2013

Bi bi bi bi binetsu refrain*

I decided to end my one sided love soon. There's something unexpected happened, so I only have a little time left. I am in the last grade of high school now but last week, Ryuta keibiin said "It has nothing to do with exam" so when the timing is perfect, I will confess, nothing to lose anyway. Please give your support on me!


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13 April 2014 @ 05:21 pm
It's about the time flumpool to produce individual member goods and
tadaaaa~~~ here they are producing this 2014 nationwide tour goods..!

"Fabric softener" produced by Ryuta
Not only makes your clothes feel soft and smell. The point is... it has Ryuta's quote on the packaging!

"What would we recall in the end of this transient life?
Our life is at this very moment. here by us"

Such a deep softener. I think the fact that it's softener not just a merely perfume has more meaning. People said "Good clothes will make you feel good". So in everyday use, When you smell the aroma, when you wear the comfortable clothes,
remember the quote as you live your "first day of the rest of your life".

I bet you wouldn't find this kind of fabric softener in your everyday supermarket xp Don't forget to supply more xp

"Kazuki's blog" produced by Kazuki volume 1 & volume 2
I always wish Ryuta's blog released in the form of book but apparently Kazuki was the first one to have his compilation blog posting released. No wonder since he blogs everyday without a fail..! Awesome^^

Kazuki's loyal blog reader will be pleased :D
Volume 1 has 560 pages and volume 2 has 460 pages. The number O.o

Iphone case produced by Genki
The artsy Genki done all the illustration for this case special for the fans!

Wristband by Seiji
Seiji who never forget to put his wristband in every live thinks of this product!
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18 March 2014 @ 09:53 pm
Inspired by this pictureCollapse )

Finally Honoo to Mori dvd!
The lyric of the single perfectly describes the "party"
Mummies dancing, witches, akuma DJ, big trees.
it must be very awesome to experience it live.
08 March 2014 @ 11:58 am
It was announced yesterday morning that flumpool first BEST album will be out on May 21st.
The regular edition comes in two CDs contains 30 songs of flumpool singles compilation, also includes two new songs (Ashita e no sanka & Believer's high) & two re-arrange songs (Hydrangea & Labo) !

Limited edition will include DVD contains studio live ver of three songs (Labo, Hydrangea, Ashita e sanka) and documentary of the recording session.


Over the rain DOLL ver MV!  As in Over the rain first press booklet, Ryuta was dressed up as a mannequin, a girl took the mannequin home and treat "it" as her boyfriend then *again* further talk with the producer will also included.

For Regular edition, price is 3200 yen (tax out) which is affordable *reminds you again it's two CDs edition^^* To be added, all flumpool songs (A side or not) are ultimate great!!! Hahah yeah that's my personal opinion xp Still, for any fan who don't collect their previous album, this is a great deal^^ They haven't released the full tracklist yet but recent songs like Taisetsuna mono wa kimi igai ni mietaranakute, Belief~ haru o matsu kimi e,  etc are also included.

The Best 2008-2014 "MONUMENT"
Price: RE 2CD: 3200 yen (tax out) | LE 2CD+DVD: 3700 yen (tax out)
Release date: May 21st 2014

External bonus: A4 sized portrait.
- There are four different design: Tower record, HMV Lawson, Tsutaya, normal ver. Amazon, cdjapan, etc will have normal ver. All designs will have a chance to get flumpool autograph (1000 sheets randomly attached).
TracklistCollapse )

Buy from:

- Seems like "Present" is really special single^^ Not even included in Experience & best album. I wished they will include present full ver PV though... what happened with kept doll ver PV & Present full ver PV xpxp Still thanks very much

I don't know if I will buy it or not. *As I am editing this post a month later I'm still not pre-order any XD* I love all flumpool songs, that's why I want to collect their songs legally by buying physical album & downloading from iTunes. If I buy this best album then I have most of the tracks in "double purchase" I was thinking to use my super tight budget fom another band instead heheh . STILL if new songs after experience album like Taisetsuna mono wa kimi igai ni mietaranakute, belief~, etc will not included on their next album (4th full album) I will regret it >~< Cheapskate fan concerning heheh
25 February 2014 @ 07:14 pm
flumpool sign

I managed to have flumpool signed my fanart print...!! * RAINBOW tears TT~TT*
It was my fanart from here

I gave the print on the wrong position to Seiji so he signed it on the wrong spot, when I realized it I said: "Oh! That's Ryuta's!"
And he noticed it after he already wrote halfway. Seiji was saying *Ah, bla bla bla, gomen!"
When Kazuki signed mine, I pointed out his chibi and asked him "Niteru desu ka?" (Is that resemble you?) Kazuki said "Niteru yo!"

Ryuta was looking through fully my fanart then put his index finger on the big globe written "1826 days and 43824 hours"
*I hope that means he noticed it was the 5th year anniversary fanart!* So I asked him "Kawaii desu ka?" (Awkward word is awkward >~<)
He kept looking on the whole of my fan art before finally said "Umai!" (Yasashii of him T^T)
I felt like a student waiting for her teacher rating XD
But really It was nice of them to say like that.

In the first place, they were the first group who makes me into digital drawing.
In this blog, most of my fanart are about flumpool.
I had fun^-^

I hope the message of the fan-art was delivered to them as well^^

Anyway I translated 2 SEKAI NO OWARI songs in Indonesian + 1 flumpool LOCKS!
Feel free to check them all^-^
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