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25 May 2014 @ 04:20 pm
Ryuta solo interview on realsound part 1  
I always adore Ryuta solo interview. It covers things that couldn't be explored in group interview or on TV. Deep and daring. He expressed the anxious he felt just after flumpool debut. He was also aware about the favor audience ask for flumpool. He pretty much talks that the band also going in uncertain times (which is repeating) in the past years.

During this interview I could feel the uncertainty of this band. This shows you the human/un-perfect side of them. Ryuta was not hesitate to speak his mind about what he's been through. From the outside we might think it's okay, they go very well. But even for the band who receives warm response and builds their fanbase also staggering. They even didn't feel confidence about themselves, questioning their existence, and how they should take flumpool to the next level.

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- It's about flumpool debut on October 2008. Looking back now, how do you feel about that time?
Talking about that, it wasn't too much delighted. We were adult. To be the truth, it was tough during that time. Before our debut, our band was in severe condition

- What kind condition are you talking about?
Seiji joined our band in about 1 year before, in 2007. Soon, we became four pieces band, I thought " Ah finally my 10 years new year resolution would be come true" but it wasn't going easy after that. We created a song called "Labo" at that time but I couldn't hear the echo from anywhere. There's no progress. Our motivation as a band also seems went decreasing. We raised a thought "Should we just go disband?"

- flumpool were on the verge of disbanding. That's the situation of flumpool in 2007, can I put it that way? ?
More or less like that, but after we faced our debut, the situation was reversed. After we appeared on TV, I received tons of email from my mom. Even we got lots of response from our friends. We made a success turning point. I kept thinking how we should keep this success, I wanted to just return to the previous time, because I didn't think we would have this similar opportunity again.

- If I should say it, "Hana ni nare" was a huge hit. There was a impression that flumpool might just over with one hit wonder just like that.
You are right, we originally think we would not even manage to sell out one hit single. Actually, that song was created by Momota Rui, our current sound producers.. But we couldn't just carried away.

- Since your debut song had a help form the other, was there any opposition in flumpool?
yeah, there was. Even until now, I mind it. I thought "Was that a right decision to debut with 'Hana ni nare' "? Actually, we also put "Hoshi ni negai wo" as the candidate for our debut song. I wonder how it would be, if we push "Hoshi ni negai wo" instead. I kept thinking until now.

* FYI. "Hana ni nare" is composed by Momota Rui , the lyric also written by him. I think it is the pride of every band/musician. Singing the song that is not created by them themselves put them some burden especially when the song is an huge hit.

- when flumpool reached their break point, that conflict you were in, hadn't it became much more bigger than now?
yeah,the conflict were bigger, it wasn't very good. I became very confused. I even felt that I lost something that I was willing to protect that time. I thought "Just let it be"*

- When was exactly the time when you think "whatever" ?
Maybe around our first Budokan. I couldn't see our vision up to there, for the time being, I would just swing my arms, move my feet, and float around. We could only do that much, I think.

- In other way, your feet didn't stand on the ground
yeah, it was strange, right? What I mean by "standing on the ground" as a band is live house touring at one step, then proceed to hall tour, then gradually reach for Budokan. I can fully recognize our audiences with that movement. That's the kind of flow I expect. But what happened is something out of the expectation. Our debut seems like a merely "delivery". I mean kind of there's no "real" image in flumpool, only a "virtual" one. Is flumpool really exist? Is the audience really exist? But awfully I managed to calm down, It's miraculous.

I could grasp this point. I could hear from here and there how they dislike flumpool coz they change. Though I wonder what's on earth that doesn't change, if a band stays the same, it has a label "boring" when they change, people will say "they don't have a distinct" I think what Ryuta wants to say this is at the first, their image was created in such way so it would meet the market expectation. Of course as a band they don't feel it's satisfying.

- So you said, even when flumpool first Budokan was settled. You were in confussion?
That's right. I was staggering. If the budokan live was failed, it would be over. No matter what kind of music image we succesfully create if we couldn't feel the excitement of the live concert then it means nothing, right? I pushed my self desperately.

- "how long I should push my self?" Did you think like that? Did it's also cross your mind when you stand on the Budokan stage?
yeah right, I don't quite remember what I precisely feel when singing and what I said but I do remember something very certain. Around the last song, "Frame" when we sang along together ( la la la ~) The energy from the audiences finally entered me. I finally be able to see clearly the faces of our 10k audiences*. During that time, I thought "Wow I'm awesome, the emotions were bounced back in this place" I managed to see the vivid image. "Ah everyone in this venue lets us be a part of their life, really it's a lovely bless" I thought that. I could remember that moment. However, soon after the live concert was ended, I return to the place where I couldn't see our goal again, I restrained my back again.

"It's also the same situation when the second album was released"
We inserted the word "Fantasy" in this album tittle. Seems like that the impression of us we catch from around of us. But I don't want to just answer or against that We are we. There's a meaning. "Life Stripe" has another different meaning though. When I think about that, at that time, unexpectedly, I wonder if the image of flumpool that was delivered is wrong. The way of image delivering is too much wide.

What kind of the meaning it holds?
Many people will think "flumpool is a rock band" the others think "flumpool is pop" even people who think "flumpool is idol" is also exist. The rest think "flumpool is none in between " Because we have various genre of music, each of the audiences asks different favor "Please create this kind of music" So what should we do? like that.

Indeed! "flumpool used to be a rock band, so I lose my interest when they change" . "Now flumpool sounds so pop, they change" What kind of change? Why some people put their own image on flumpool and upset when flumpool don't go as their expectation. Because Ryuta has a cute face they think flumpool just push Ryuta too much, more like an idol band. But other band would just so, they place the vocalist in the front line. They are they, they have their own way of doing something. People who likes "MW" would just say "Just do songs like MW" and when they don't, they think flumpool change. People who loves "love song" just ask them "Please do more love song" and when they don't, they think flumpool change. They put so much expectation in their shoulder. flumpool itself even aware of the amount of people expectation they try to push to them. But that's how the music market works, what they need to do is

- In the meantime, we just need to go in flow but flumpool's image eventually born in the meantime. You started to think "What exactly the identity as band is".
Well, more or less we questioned ourselves like that.

So what happened? Did you think " what kind of band flumpool is" again ?
I thought we became a "reality band*" . We has sung beautiful things such as love, hope, romantic feeling though but it would not end with like that. On the contrary, Those beautiful things is not the only things build our world we live. There's suffering in everyday life. we'd like to raise that part.

*Actually Ryuta said "dorokusai" which literally means "covering in mud" but I translate it as "reality" as it connects to the later explanation which also mean the same, they don't cover clean/perfect/flowery things only in their songs.

- Comparing to the first original debut image, what kind of image changing you think in yourself?
I feel like my responsibility were born slowly in this time. I said this because at the time I started a band, I thought of popularity and wanted to be stand above at any rate. The strong will to show off to those people who used to make fun of us was also there. So at the first, I didn't really think about stuff like if our music is delivering well or not. Even at the Budokan, I had no way to know if our songs reach the audiences. . However, at the "Frame" it finally came to my mind "Ah, our music is reaching them" when I realized that I was touched, ever since that, the sprout grows.

- What is it exactly?
There's many people who earnestly cherish us. I realized that flumpool musics blend in those people everyday life. I just said it before about the "Life stripe". The meaning of that word has a connection with this. Our everyday life is fleeting. I my self, when I feel down I listen to the music so I could feel it, our music becomes such an existence to our audiences. if that's the case then I should face it properly. I should be responsible and do it with all my might.

- to be continued.

SOURCE: http://realsound.jp/2014/05/post-569.html

At the first, Ryuta must feel their major debut is just a realization of their dream (10 years dream!) and kind of "revenge" for those days they were in despair. But later he realized that flumpool's dream is not only his dream or the band dream, they have fans now and solid existence.

I remember Ryuta said this at the end of the concert "If flumpool can't make you smile, then there's no meaning of our existence"

I don't promise I will translate the rest but I will post just the summary if I fail/don't have a spare time to translate it heheheh  I was not aware that this interview is six parts...!!! This post cover almost 2 parts on the real interview pages so you could as well imagine how long it is. So happy because more Ryuta deep though will be revealed  ^o^ but at the same time "..." hahah

Sorry for any possible mistake. I did it in one shot and my Japanese-english somehow worsen >~<, I might check it back again and fix some part that's why please once again please do not re-post.

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